Gorgeous February Wedding by Katie and Cindy Photography

We always love looking through wedding day photos of happy couples (I mean, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it -right?!) but something about the smiles on Jessie and Cobie’s faces really stood out to us. It was just PURE JOY throughout the entire album! We’re so delighted to share this gorgeous wedding day with you. Special thanks to Katie and Cindy for sharing their own point of view for the blog this week! We always love hearing straight from the amazing wedding professionals that capture the day so flawlessly.

“Meet Jessie and Cobie. High school sweethearts. A smile can tell an entire story. We have proof right here. As you scroll through this gallery, pay attention to Cobie’s smile! He was absolutely in Heaven! He wasn’t nervous or stressed. The only anxiety that he was feeling on this, the biggest day of his life, was to get to the ‘I do’s’ so that he could officially call Jessie his wife for life! They floated through this day like a prince & princess from a Disney movie! (We swear we heard background music and birds chirping!) This was one of the easiest going weddings and wedding days we’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of! And it was all due to the family, the people and all the love that flowed through this perfect wedding!”

“Winter weather in Alabama, especially in February, can be so fickle. We never know what to expect from day to day. God, however, has a plan. On this particular February 2nd the skies were clear, the temperature was perfect and the breeze was blowing in our favor! Creekside Meadows in Morris, Alabama was blanketed in this incredible weather and was absolutely breathtaking.”

“There was so much love to be seen around Creekside Meadows on this day! The bridesmaids did their job perfectly in keeping the cottage under control, taking care of the bride and looking gorgeous! The groomsmen were ready, willing and we might even say ‘expert’ at the photography end of things! The group of ladies directing, decorating and setting up were incredibly talented and they were all friends of the wedding party. The lovely and very talented ladies from Unfading Beauty were superheroes! Every person involved was there to make Jessie & Cobie’s day stress free and beautiful. And boy did they succeed! When the guests started to stream in, it was soon obvious that it would be standing room only. So many friends and family filled the venue that there was overflow outside! But the beautifully designed barn at Creekside Meadow allowed even those that had to stand a little outside still had a good view of the ceremony!”

“Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Howard, for asking us to be a part of your big day! We hope that as you look at these images, now and forever, that you feel every ounce of love that was present on this day!”

Thank you, Katie and Cindy, for sharing such a beautiful Birmingham wedding with us!

Featured vendors – Photography: Katie and Cindy Photography | Bride’s Dress: Bella’s Bridal and Formal

Other vendors – Venue: Creekside Meadows | Hair and Makeup: Unfading Beauty | Wedding Director: Sheri’ Barker

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