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When creating your wedding budget, there are so many line items that often times get overlooked! Two of these items are linens and chairs. Many venues offer them, but should you still budget for these crucial pieces? The short answer – yes! Creating a cohesive wedding design definitely includes using professionally maintained linens and chairs! Our friends at Decor to Adore are answering some burning questions about this topic and we’re happy to share all the knowledge with you!

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Why are linens an important aspect of a wedding design? “Quality, well pressed linens provide a clean canvas to build from. If the linen is perfect, a centerpiece can be simple votives, something grand or anywhere in between. When done right, a variety of colored linens and accents with sashes, runners and specialty linens go a long way to giving the room a finished look!”
Are chairs really something I should budget for? “Chairs are complimentary to the evening you are inviting your guest out to. A chiavari says class and elegance. A padded folding chair allows your guests to get comfortable. A cross back or ghost chair lets your guests know you have great style and taste when putting a party together!  A clean, cared for chair, reminds your guest they came out to an event that was intentional. It wasn’t something thrown together without purpose or meaning.”
How do I choose the right chair for my wedding day? “The venue or setting the wedding is being held at usually narrows down the chair that works best. A padded folding chair has the most surface area across the foot, so it works best in a grassy setting. A chiavari works in a ballroom, a trending industrial space, and even a home or patio setting.”
Overall, Barrett says, “If you are spending $30 dollars or more on your centerpiece, you should question the quality of the linen and chairs if told it is provided for ‘fre’e by someone – be it the venue, caterer, or someone else. It’s a shame to see a beautiful floral statement on a wrinkled linen or covered up by a dirty or old chair!”

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