Best Ways to Use Lounge Furniture by Prophouse Birmingham

Lounge furniture can introduce multiple finishes and textures that can really elevate your senses to pair perfectly with the other decor in your wedding space. From comfy sectionals for guests to watch you exchange vows to plush leather chairs at your reception cigar bar, there are countless ways to include lounge furniture into your big day. Velvet, linen, leather, marble, metal, wood, quartz: no matter the finish, let Prophouse Birmingham pair it perfectly for your wedding day! Our friends at Prophouse are sharing some of their favorite ways to use lounge furniture with us today!

“Remember everyone loves a comfortable seat! We bring the best ones in house to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere or we can bring in mass quantities to assist in developing the floor plan and traffic pattern with multiple lounge placements. We provide beautiful velvet textured sofas that a bride can use for portraits as well as numerous options to provide seating as a focal point in the room for all guests to enjoy. For an intimate lounge, we typically recommend using two sofas and four chairs to create a collection paired with all the detailed accents, such as coffee tables, side tables, pillows, and candlelight.  You can also use a nice amount of furniture to create a master lounge collection as a room focal point, which demands attention and instantly provides multiple comfortable seats. For this, we typically suggest four sofas and 8 chairs paired with all the details.”

“Specialty lounges are becoming very popular as well. We can customize a ‘men’s cigar lounge area’ outside the facility where we might suggest leather Chesterfield sofas paired with old steamer trunks as coffee tables.

For the ladies, maybe providing sofas in the area where bridesmaids are getting dressed so they can lounge in their coordinating robes and enjoy their mimosas in style!

Remember “lounge” doesn’t always mean heavy, substantial furniture pieces. We also have garden benches lawn games that can be perfect for that afternoon, outdoor wedding.”

“Accenting with the perfect details will provide the finishing touches to a lounge. We recommend using colorful pillows, coffee tables, side tables, rugs, lamps and simple centerpieces to bring your collection full circle.

No matter the space, we can always provide a tailored solution to add that unique element to your wedding decor!”

Champagne Lounge – Featured vendors – Photography: Eric and Jamie Photography | HotHouse Designer: Mandy Majerik
Other vendors – Reception Venue: Birmingham Museum of Art | Wedding Planner: Invision Events
Pastel, Floral, and Velvet Lounge + Sophia Collection in Ceremony – Featured vendors – HotHouse Designer: Mandy Majerik | Photographer: Eric and Jamie Photography
Other vendors – Reception Venue: The Barn at Shady Lane | Wedding Planner: M.Elizabeth Events
Orange, Reds, Pink Tones Lounge – Featured vendors – Reception Venue: Park Crest Event Facility | Photographer: Eric and Jamie Photography
Other vendors – Wedding Planner: M.Elizabeth Events
Boho-Chic Lounge – Featured vendors – Reception Venue: Park Crest Event Facility | HotHouse Designer: Mandy Majerik | Wedding Planner: Becky’s Brides | Photographer: Eric and Jamie Photography
Emerald Ottomans – Wedding Planner: Invision Events | Photographer: Kelli and Daniel Taylor Photography
Cigar Lounge – Featured vendors – Photographer: Alisha Crossley Photography
Other vendors: M. Elizabeth Events

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