Tips on Elevating Your Wedding Bar by Prophouse Birmingham

When designing your wedding, one element that you may over look could be your bar. The bar is one of the most sought after destinations for guests at wedding receptions, so you might as well turn it into a huge focal piece! Our friends at Prophouse Birmingham are sharing with us their best tips to elevating your wedding bar this week!

“We listen. We design. We deliver the best solution, both aesthetically and functional, to elevate your bar to the next level.

A few suggestions we have is to use some type of Bar Facades to make your bars more of a substantial focal than a simple linen covered table. The bar facades not only make the room aesthetically pleasing, coordinating with your decor and color scheme, but also are taller than a normal table so it gives you service at bar height. We have several different options to choose from including colors, trim work, size and shape. You need a round bar to service 500? We’ve got you covered… in gold, white and a custom color option!

You can also pull out a drink of choice, ex: champagne or signature drink to use as a focal and highlight these specialty drinks with a major display. We have “champagne” mix level stands as well as custom creating champagne walls and unique displays using various themed props.

If you are looking for the ultimate “wow” factor to enhance your bar, we also have numerous back bar recommendations. Whether you want to showcase all of the premium alcohol choices or present a nice display of glassware, the shelves and case pieces are the perfect solution!

Customizing your bar presentation can also take your event to the next level. Many of our bars can be customized by adding a monogram or pattern onto the front to better assist in bringing those perfect details that make that bar special for you!

Accenting the bar facades with fresh flowers or greenery garlands also adds a special touch to the ambiance of the event. We always recommend relying on the needs of bar service to dictate the number of bars and the floor plan to dictate the best shape of bar. Whatever you choose, be sure to find accents that fit your vision, design plan and budget!”

Gold Round Bar + Gold Champagne Display – Featured vendors –  Photography: Eric and Jamie Photography  | HotHouse Designer: Mandy Majerik 
Other vendors – | Reception Venue: Birmingham Museum of Art | Wedding Planner: Invision Events
Wood Round Bar – Featured vendors – Photography: Eric & Jamie Photography | Venue: Park Crest Event Facility | Wedding Planner: Becky’s Brides | Floral Design: HotHouse Design Studio 
Luggage Champagne Display – Featured vendors –  Photography: Alisha Crossley Photography Other vendors –  Reception Venue: Haven | Wedding Planner: M. Elizabeth Events

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