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There’s no doubt about it. Entertainment can make or break a wedding reception. With more couples wanting to provide their guests with a remarkably unique experience, they are looking to the entertainment to up their wedding’s wow-factor!

While wedding entertainment can run the gamut from specialty musicians for the ceremony to a DJ for the after-party, the primary focus for fun is the band chosen for the wedding reception. Selecting the perfect band is a cinch when following the five tips below.

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  1. IDENTIFY AN ENTERTAINMENT BUDGET  Don’t be afraid of the word budget. Afterall, everyone has one; they simply come in different sizes. Sit down and talk about the goals for your wedding with your fiancé. From there, prioritize and allocate available funds to the elements that will help you achieve your wedding vision.  Like genres and sizes, the cost of a band spans a wide range.  Truly, there is something for everyone. Being honest with yourself upfront about your goals and what you are realistically willing to spend to achieve them. This will help narrow your focus.
  2. CONSIDER YOUR RECEPTION VENUE  Is your reception space small and intimate or large and cavernous? For both practical and aesthetic reasons, you will want the size of your band to complement the size of your space. An 18-piece band might be too cramped for a smaller venue while a 4-piece band may be dwarfed by a cavernous space. If you are unsure of the size of band that would work best in a certain venue, your event planner, venue coordinator and/or entertainment agent can be great resources.
  3. UTILIZE AN ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY  Speaking of entertainment agent, utilizing an entertainment agency like ECE can save you tons of time, headaches, and money. Agents are incredibly knowledgeable of bands who are as professional as they are fun and engaging. You provide them with basic parameters (event date, city, budget, vibe, etc.) and they send you a pared down list of artists who meet your requirements.  ECE has over 157 artists on its exclusive roster and books entertainment for over 6,000 events each year. That is a heckuva lot of buying power. The breadth and depth of artists we represent and have access to ensures we can provide our clients with entertainment perfect for their event regardless of artist type, genre, budget, etc.
  4. SCOUR THE SONG LIST  Pay attention to the song list provided by the band as it will give you insight into the types of music it specializes in. If you find yourself scrolling through the song list saying, “Ooh, I love that song … and that one … and that one,” chances are you will be happy with the band. If you hate country music, but 75% of the songs on a band’s song list is country, that probably isn’t the band for you. If there is a particular song you have your heart set on and don’t see it on many song lists, don’t despair. Many bands will learn a song or two prior to your event if enough notice is given.  Additionally, some bands structure their song lists in a way that gives an overview of the types of songs they play but isn’t a full representation of the songs in their repertoire.
  5. SEE THE BAND IN ACTION  Whether you see the band in person at a public event or showcase, or you watch their promo video(s), pay attention to how they interact with each other as well as the crowd.  Does everyone look like they are having fun? How does the band sound? Can you envision dancing the night away with them during your reception?  Know that set lists for public dates and showcases, as well as band videos, were not made with your specific event in mind. If there is a set or song you hear that you loathe, know that it can easily be put on a Do Not Play list.

Author Bio: ECE is the largest, full-service entertainment agency in the country, arranging unforgettable entertainment and producing custom events from coast-to-coast and around the world. From weddings and social galas to college concerts and business entertainment, we make your event a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Learn more at www.bookece.com

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