A Spring Wedding at The Donnelly House

There’s clearly nothing we love more than a wedding that shows off all of Birmingham’s best features!  And Allison and Jake’s wedding did just that.  Taking place at the iconic Donnelly House off Highland Avenue in Birmingham, this beautiful Spring wedding featured perfect weather, lots of luscious greenery, beautiful neutral grays, and a bride and groom whose joy was absolutely contagious.  We are so excited to share the details of this stunning Birmingham wedding!

You know we love to hear all about wedding days from the bride, and Allison was so gracious to share all the details from her and Jake’s big day!

Tell us about your inspiration for your wedding day.

The only thing I was certain of was that I wanted to show off Birmingham!  I didn’t have many preconceived notions of what I wanted our wedding to look like, so much of our inspiration happened on the fly and with the wonderful guidance of our wedding planner (Becky’s Brides).  After deciding to have the wedding in Birmingham, the next big decision was which venue to choose.  We visited everywhere and ultimately ended up in our own backyard (almost literally).  I lived next door to the venue (Donnelly House), and had even heard the band we booked from my kitchen windows (Accent)!  Once we had our venue, everything fell into place—the neutral color palate, the beautiful flowers (HotHouse Designs), the flawless invitations (Empress Stationery), the local, farm-to-table catering (Savoie), etc.  It all came together to be the perfect celebration of all things Birmingham!

What was the most important thing to you when you were planning your big day?

Aside from getting to marry the love of my life, two things were the most important to me: 1) that the planning process was always fun, and 2) that I wasn’t going to do a first look no matter what anyone told me!  I can be particular and a bit of a perfectionist (thanks, Mom), so it was important to me to keep the wedding planning in perspective and to not get too bogged down in the nitty gritty.  That wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible wedding planner!  And by golly, the first time I was going to see my husband-to-be would be as I was walking down that aisle—no matter what!  My favorite part of any wedding is when the bride and groom see each other coming down the aisle; it always brings tears to my eyes.  I knew that a first look before the ceremony just wasn’t for us.

Was it important for you to get married in Birmingham?  If so, why?

It was incredibly important to us that we get married in Birmingham.  Even though neither of us are originally from Birmingham, this city has been more of a home for us than anywhere else.  Jake and I met while I was in medical school in Oklahoma City, OK (my hometown).  Jake was living in Dallas, TX (his hometown), but was in OKC visiting mutual friends the weekend we met.  In fact, we met the same day I found out I would be moving to Birmingham for residency—but that didn’t stop us!  We dated long distance for 1,499 days before tying the knot (but who’s counting!).  The weekends we spent together in Birmingham were always special to us as we only got to see each other every few weeks.  We’d usually spend them exploring all that the city had to offer—hiking the nearby state parks, visiting museums and historical landmarks, and, of course, enjoying the plethora of local breweries and restaurants.  It was easy for us to fall in love with the city, and we knew that our family and friends would, too!

Tell us your favorite part of your wedding day?

Can I say every part?!  From waking up in the morning to the most beautiful day of the year, to laughing with Jake when he accidentally shaved a huge gash in his beard that could only be salvaged by shaving it all off (for the record, I’d warned him not to touch it that morning), to the feeling of putting on my dress with my mom and sister, to seeing Jake at the other end of the aisle and feeling the biggest smile of my life plaster itself to my face, to sharing our hand-written vows with one another, to dancing the night away with our closest family and friends—it was a day full of favorite moments!

Do you have any advice to share with brides who are currently planning their big day?

If it’s in your budget, hire a wedding planner!  Not being from the area left us with huge gaps in our knowledge about who the best vendors were, but our wedding planner was always there to help guide us.  From the planning to the production, she was always 100% there.  She took our style and her expertise and turned it into something so much better than we could have ever imagined!

Thank you, Allison for sharing your beautiful Birmingham wedding with us!

Featured vendors- Wedding Planning: Becky’s Brides | Stationery: Empress Stationery | Florals: HotHouse Design Studio | Props: Prophouse Birmingham

Other vendors- Venue: The Donnelly House | Photography: Lauren Bailey Photography | Videography: Kinora Films | Catering: Savoie Catering | Hair and Make-up: The Hair and Make-up Collective | Wedding Dress: Ivory and White | Entertainment: Accent via Music Garden | Drapery and Ceremony Sound: Onsite Productions | Rentals: Decor to Adore | Bubbly Bar: Cece Decor | Cookies: Insomnia Cookies

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